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Back to school and the basics: Our Leadership MVP Program

Let’s end August with a continuation of our discussion with our Founder and Head Coach, Dale Fallon.

You have just welcomed Dame Leadership's 10 New Leaders to The Communication Gym where they will participate in your Leadership MVP program. This is a program that provides both senior and emerging leaders a platform to gain skills in communicating with confidence, clarity, courage, and integrity. How did this program come to be?

About 20 years ago, when my eldest daughter was in 6th grade, I was asked to do a presentation for her 6th grade class. I think it was for “career day” and at that time, I was focused on coaching clients. I had 10 minutes to share my profession with them, but I wanted to do more than just tell them what I did, I wanted to show them what I did. And herein lies the genesis of the Leadership MVP Program!

I drew three intersecting circles on the chalkboard:

The circles represented these three questions:

  1. What are you good at?

  2. What do you love to do?

  3. What does the world need?

The point where these three questions intersect is the triangle. I wanted them to start thinking about that triangle, themselves, and what they could contribute.

How long have you offered this program?

2005-ish when I wrote a program for a local bank that I called Vision-Mission-Philosophy. It has since evolved and today we use Vision - Motivation - Philosophy.

What kind of person succeeds in this program?

This program is for people who want to live a life of integrity, who want to align their communication with what’s true, a person who wants to have more impact with their leadership, and leave an intentional legacy. Bravery, honesty, authenticity, and vulnerability are qualities that should bring them towards the program, not scare them off!

Can you share your Leadership MVP with us?


I want to navigate meaningful conversations that realize successful outcomes. I want to be able to understand and express authentic, honest and emotional content in ways that others can understand and connect with. I want all conversations, even the difficult ones, to enrich us, and to solve hard problems.

I see a diverse group of focused people, both young and old, communicating with clarity and courage. I can hear confidence in their voice, compassion in their tone. They listen and share feedback, striving to understand each other and working together to solve important problems. They build relationships that will carry them forward to bigger endeavors and they build communities of practice, so they can teach generations to come to stay connected with each other, and with our shared humanity.

I believe that effective leadership requires an honest exploration of my beliefs, that my beliefs will change when the evidence dictates, and that I will adjust my life accordingly. I will align what I think with what I say, what I say with what I do, and what I do with my goals. My goals will drive meaningful and measurable societal impact.

What have participants said about the Leadership MVP Program?

Greg Drake, co-owner of 360 Tours, summed up his experience like this:

This program helped me live at the core of my character.

The real goal of this program is to align your thoughts with your words with your deeds with measurable outcomes, and Greg’s words are a testament to the product I am offering. The Communication Gym’s members practice, execute, manifest, and live their MVPs.

For a personalized communication workout, contact us today!

See you @ The Gym!

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