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Behind the Scenes @ The Gym: the Role of the Coach

Have you ever been on a team where the coach inspired you to become more than you ever thought possible? Or on the flipside, how about a team where you felt like the coach let you and your teammates down? Coaches can make or break the best players on the field or can inspire the less-skilled to improve dramatically.

The Communication Gym’s Coach-led Programs are popular and effective because our coaches realize the importance of their role. As Chief Motivator and Leader, a Communication Gym coach is responsible for understanding our curriculum so that they are able to create a relationship with it. They have proven their skills and have become masters of them.

Our coaches create a culture where members challenge themselves because they feel supported. The coach works with the members to identify the edge of their comfort zone to push further. If the practice is too easy, you will be bored. If the practice is too challenging, you become disheartened and disconnect.

Feedback is key to skill development and healthy feedback is the breakfast of champions! All members and coaches follow the Rules of the Dojo. In a Practice Group session, both the coach and the members observe and provide suggestions. Like a team, this environment allows collective movement forward.

Outside the practice sessions, our coaches provide a practice routine for members to follow. They know that consistent practice yields results. Our coaches also remain available for calls or text messages outside of sessions. You may need clarification on a new strategy, a confidence boost, or to celebrate a success.

Ready to workout with one of our coaches? Contact us!

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