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Blast from the past

Recognize that guy?

That’s our Founder and Head coach Dale Fallon more than 15 years ago! Now take a moment and listen to what he said:

The Communications Gym’s mission remains true to this day: improved communication will improve the quality of life! We don’t just sell programs, we offer an environment and exercises so that our members gain skills by doing them safely and effectively.

The Gym transforms intellectual knowledge to behavior changes and measurable competencies.

Since it’s #ThrowbackThursday, you may have noticed more than the eyeglasses, hairstyles, and clothing. How about those large groups of people sitting closely at tables and working together?

We hope that those days return soon, but with today’s worldwide situation, The Gym has evolved to continue its mission in virtual format. Our members can now practice with others across state lines and time zones!

Continuous communication practice looks good on Dale today, right?

Click here to begin your journey to improved communication!

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