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Bringing it together - MVP Target Practice

If you enjoyed our MVP series, we think this may be a helpful reference tool when you need a refresher.

Whether you’re applying these in business or personal life, the main tip is to choose a specific role in your life. Choose a role where you have an expectation to set an example, make decisions, and act daily towards better outcomes for the people who are following.

M = Motivation

Overview: This is your why. Why are you doing it? Why is it important to you? Why should I strive to be better? These are the questions we must answer for ourselves and for others, if we are to effectively engage people. We must answer the “Why” question if we are to inspire true engagement to realize the Vision.

Answer the question: Why is achieving Vision important?

V = Vision

Overview: A clearly understood vision helps you stay focused. A clearly stated vision helps others stay focused. As you clarify your vision you will find decision making easier, discussion more focused, and outcomes that more consistently align with your goals.

Answer the question: What does a positive future look like?

P = Philosophy

Overview: What are your expectations? What can others count on you for? How do you want others to communicate with you? What are your grounding principles? How will you solve problems when they arise? These are big questions you must have consistent answers to and, you must share with the people who are in your life. Think about your own traits you value and your own principles driving your life. Think about how you want to be perceived. Think about who you are on your best day and who you aspire to become as you grow.

NOTE: If you’re finding it hard to determine your philosophy, find a few statements, quotes, or phrases that resonate with you and explore them. You’ll find this will give you a good start to building a long-term philosophy. This will evolve over time; don’t focus on perfection.

Answer the question:What is my Philosophy?

We hope this helps! If you’re looking for more practice, we’re here to help.

See you at The Gym!

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