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Congratulations to 10 New Leaders on completing their Leadership MVP

Today we congratulate Dame Leadership’s 10 New Leaders who have just completed their Leadership MVP Program with us. These emerging leaders have been focusing on their Leadership Motivation, Vision, and Philosophy since mid-August. They first learned about DISC styles of communication and behavior to become aware of the role this plays in communicating well with others. Then they delved into the hard questions:

  1. What does success in your leadership role look, sound, and feel like?

  2. What is your motivation to succeed in this role?

  3. What is your Leadership Philosophy? What do others expect from you and what do you expect from the world?

Take a moment to answer them now and then imagine the impact of consistently finetuning your answers for several weeks, with a coach's guidance plus feedback and encouragement from others going through the same process. These 10 New Leaders have proven their desire to align their thoughts with their words with their actions and we are so proud to have joined them on this journey.

This is a new beginning for them to improve the quality of their lives as well as the lives of those around them.

To the 10 New Leaders we say:

The purpose of your Leadership MVP is to live it every day: to strive to align your actions, words, and deeds with your leadership vision. You now have a responsibility to make your motivations and objectives explicitly clear to all and to communicate with confidence, clarity, and integrity. Align the roles you hold in life and use them to contribute meaningfully to your community. Go forth with the roadmap you have built for you and your team!

We look forward to celebrating with you at Dame Leadership’s Evolution Leadership Conference in October!

If you’re ready to work through these questions, contact us for more information.

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