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Creating Your Leadership MVP

Good leadership consists of doing less and being more. ~ John Heider

Recently, this quote popped up in my feed and I added it to my whiteboard where I write certain reminders, project plans, and inspirational and motivational quotes.

It made me think about our Leadership MVP Program. Is The Communication Gym preparing leaders for “being more?” We provide our members a place for internal work which allows them to strengthen their core, to live life closer to the person they aspire to be on their best day. With The Gym’s Leadership MVP Program and coach’s guidance, our members develop a clearer vision of the outcomes they want to achieve and bring those to the forefront every day.

When you create your Leadership MVP, you are developing a relationship with your words which then align with your behavior. We want this Program to give you space for aligning your thoughts, your words and your deeds with the measurable outcomes that you want to see within the community you lead and serve.

While the process is personal, your Leadership MVP can become a tool to share with your team to build a common understanding. This evolving statement requires self-awareness and effort to consistently adjust and orient with your goals. In essence, it becomes your compass, your true north.

Here’s another glimpse of my whiteboard:

The more _______ you say something, the more your brain believes it.

  • Frequently

  • Passionately

  • Confidently

  • Consistently

Which answer did you choose? (Hint: They’re all correct!)


Read more about our Leadership MVP Program here.

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