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Establishing the foundation

Everyone communicates, but not everyone communicates the same way. In March, we discussed the DISC profile and how those styles communicate. Knowing how to communicate with your Ideal Client is just as important as closing the sale. At The Gym, we refer to this skillset as Establishing Rapport.

Establishing Rapport with Your Ideal Clients is the key to gaining their trust and laying the foundation for a solid business relationship.

You may be providing exactly what they’re looking for or need, but first, it is important to create the foundation.

Watch this short conversation about the importance of establishing the foundation:

Adding new communication tools opens your world to new perspectives. Improving your communication skills builds your confidence and your relationships, professionally and personally.

Our members have experienced exponential growth in their professional and personal lives by completing our Ideal Client program.

To experience a live session, consider attending our Ideal Client Workshop later this summer. Space is limited, so watch for our registration to open.

We’ll see you at The Gym!

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