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Gestures of Love…DISC-Style

Excitement is in the air!

No, no, not Super Bowl party preparations! 🏈

Valentine’s Day! ❤

Even though Valentine candy and school card kits have been in grocery stores since January, you may be just now thinking about how you want to show your love this February. If you are that person, this blog is for you!

If you are not familiar with The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts, the author, Gary Chapman, explains that the ways we show and receive love differ, and that is often the source of tension and dissatisfaction. We are going to add another dimension to the 5 love languages today:

DISC Styles

That’s right. Your DISC style is one way to understand how and why we behave and communicate in the ways we do. To prepare for next week’s celebration of love, let’s examine some ways each DISC style may prefer to observe Valentine’s Day.

If you are planning to show a D-Style your love this year, consider planning an activity: skiing, hiking, a concert, a sports event. D’s love to be active, but don’t want to mess with the details, so your coordination of an activity appeals to them. Showing you appreciate them can be done with words too – thank them for the ways they help you problem-solve and provide for you. Think action, togetherness, and appreciation.

A social I-Style loves fun experiences. Dinner or lunch reservations can be more exciting if you surprise them at work and whisk them away to the restaurant. Your I will be delighted to have their colleagues see your public expression of love. Tell and show them how you feel. Think hugs, socializing, and creativity.

Your Steady S also appreciates hearing they are loved or appreciated. Spending quality time together is the perfect gift – no surprises or large social gatherings! If you are set on giving them something, a picture of you together shows your thoughtfulness. Think togetherness, thoughtfulness, affection.

If your partner is a C-Style, you know that they enjoy helping you in various ways – weekly chores, car maintenance, or offering assistance in establishing a new system to complete tasks. You can show them how much you appreciate their effort through kind gestures. Skip the restaurant and instead, cook their favorite foods for dinner. An intimate setting and familiar surroundings allow a C-Style to relax. Think peace, comfort, and appreciation.

Understanding those you love is one key to harmony and deeper relationships. The Communication Gym’s mission is to improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your conversations. DISC communication styles is one tool we use at The Gym because our members can apply it to their lives immediately and see instant results. With practice over time, our members become adept at handling professional and personal situations with agility and integrity.


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