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Practice How You Play

Communication is a team sport … like the tango, a chess match, or even a quarrel, it takes at least two. While your inner dialogue may (or may not) guide you each day, actual communication is a team sport. And every great team practices the fundamentals together.

However, practice doesn’t always make perfect, especially when you’re practicing the wrong technique.

Practicing how you play is the name of the game. You're not going to learn communication skills by reading a book or this blog. You're not going to learn by listening to a skilled professional. You can learn a little bit, but you're not going to develop your actual communication skills. You can listen, watch, or read the best communicators on the planet, but you're only going to develop your communication skills through practice.

It’ll feel uncomfortable at first, but you're going to get better at it and see improvement. The practice you do on your own, with peers, or in an organized group (like our Professional Practice Groups) is what's going to help you develop and own these skills. Once you master the basics, we add additional skills, challenges, and intricacies. In doing so, you improve your ability to execute that skill. As you continue to go forward, this moves you onward to a place of mastery.

Why? We focus on skill mastery so that you arrive at the unconscious competence level: you've got the skill, you feel comfortable with it, and you're able to use it within stressful or difficult situations because you're comfortable and competent with that skill.

We don't want you to learn a thousand things. We're advocating that you be really, really good at a few things that have a massive measurable impact on your quality of life.

A Professional Practice Group (PPG) provides a structured and supportive environment, high-quality curriculum, and professional coaching to help you master the skills of communication. Your PPG will align you with non-competing peers who are there to provide feedback, support you, and challenge you to achieve your professional goals. This cohort becomes your team as you strive for excellence in professional communication.

We believe that being a better communicator will…

✨ improve your professional outcomes,

✨ improve your financial situation,

✨ increase your confidence,

✨ improve your thinking ,

✨ and most importantly, improve your relationships … all of them

Since the beginning, our mission at The Communication Gym has been to help you to improve your quality of life by helping you improve the quality of your conversations. We are foundationally based on the concept of practice. You will learn new skills, but it is the practice component where the rubber meets the road. The rewards for consistently practicing and developing your communication skills are phenomenal.

See You at The Gym!

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