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Ready to work out those communication your pace?

If you have been following our blog lately, you know that we frequently talk about our Professional Practice Groups and the benefits they provide to professionals in many industries. Perhaps you are unable to join a group, but recognize the value in improved communication skills and have a desire to improve.

If you know where you want to be in your career or are working towards advancing in your career, The Communication Gym has launched Communication Cardio programs. We built Communication Cardio for the independent learner who wants to grow forward. This person is willing and able to do work on their own. The programs are self-paced and give the learner the tools, processes, and practice regimen to prepare them for real-world scenarios.

When the yoga studio is closed, you practice alone wherever you are!

Communication Cardio self-led courses are online modules that guide you through life-changing communication demonstrations, practice drills, and exercises, at your pace. Course content includes interactive sessions with high-value videos that will help to improve your personal and professional relationships, conversational effectiveness, and build confidence. Our most popular courses include Conversations That Count, Establishing Rapport, and Modalities.

Remember The Buccaneer Scholar, one of our Founder and Head Coach Dale Fallon’s top reads? Whether you are in sales, management, politics, or coaching, Communication Cardio is suited for The Buccaneer Scholar. We provide the structure for anyone in any industry who is willing and committed to learning and practicing on their own. Once you begin using your new skills in both professional and personal conversations, you will notice a positive difference in how others respond to you.

Up for the challenge of working out those communication muscles at your pace?

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