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Welcome to your Ideal Client Professional Practice Group! We are excited for you to realize the benefits of focused communication practice. To succeed within this group, you will need to do the work. In other words, you will need to get outside your comfort zone and work with new tools and new skills that will bring you new results. You will need to push through discomfort and stretch to find new depths of character and strength and new ways to express yourself. Our goal is to make your practice here harder than anything you encounter in the real world. If you can succeed in this environment, you can succeed anywhere!

Schedule and Expectations
Your weekly 60-minute session will be held in the first three weeks of every month. During each session, you will be practicing, presenting, and/or testing your skills. The session expectations will be set in advance.

Between sessions, you will be required to complete your coursework, do your practice exercises, and upload your work into the video locker room. Your coach will provide feedback and direction to improve your skills. Your videos and coaching notes will also be visible to the other members of your group. This allows us to support and learn from each other and provide additional feedback. The weekly work will likely be between 30 - 60 minutes during the session weeks. 

Your coach will be available to you via email, text, and phone for additional coaching as needed. 

Your Professional Practice Group membership fee is $387 per month. The initial investment, equal to your first three months, is due when joining the group. After the first quarter, your monthly membership will automatically renew until canceled in writing with 30-days’ notice. Quarterly and annual payments are available at discounted rates. This pricing is only valid if your first payment is made prior to December 31, 2020. 

Commitment Statement
As a member of The Communication Gym® Professional Practice Group, I agree to participate in gym sessions, complete the coursework, do the required practice exercises, and support my partners in this group. I recognize that my membership is not transferable. 

By proceeding to "Buy Now," I accept the terms and conditions of membership

and I agree to the charges associated with my membership.


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