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“That’s EXACTLY right!”

Every sales professional wants to hear those magical words: “That’s EXACTLY right!

The insider tip? Reflect your prospect’s situation back to them in rich detail UNTIL they make this statement out loud! Then you may be ready to propose your solutions.

Too many sales professionals are constantly talking, thinking they are selling. We promote consistently practicing and mastering ways to speak less; get your important messages across in fewer words.

You don’t earn business by talking, you earn business by acknowledging the value in everyone's time and solving problems.

Learning to listen, remaining present, and asking the best questions to be able to help your prospect require practice. If you want a safe environment where it's OK to make mistakes and learn from them, The Gym is your “safe place.” The Gym has earned its reputation as a space where professionals can try new techniques and repeat until they get them “exactly right.”

Knowing who Your Ideal Client is crucial to the longevity of your business.

Join us later this summer for an interactive workshop to map your sales path from Ideal Prospect to Ideal Client or take a moment now to learn about our Professional Practice Groups. [link to brochure]

We’re ready for you to practice at The Gym!

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