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The Ideal client funnel

After you’ve determined who Your Ideal Clients are and identified what your company is uniquely qualified to provide, you are ready to market and network. At The Gym, we start our Ideal Client funnel at qualifying and building rapport, after marketing and networking.

This is where you get answers to your 4 attribute questions and you begin to build relationships with your ideal prospects.

Those questions are:

  1. Who is and what is the title of the decision-maker(s)?

  2. What is the unique problem that you and/or your company is uniquely qualified to solve?

  3. What is the budget range for the product/service you refer to?

  4. How do you create a sense of urgency?

Knowing the answers to these questions is pivotal in determining how to move forward with an ideal prospect or when to put them in the “nospect” zone. This will save you time, energy, and the frustration of working with clients who are not aligned with your organization. These answers combined with effective conversation techniques are only a small part of The Gym’s proven skill path methodology to getting you more Ideal Clients.

Your focused energy delivers exponential returns.

Once you are crystal clear on who Your Ideal Client is, find out where they hang out, get there and follow a simple plan… listen, learn, help, lead.

Contact us to learn more or follow along for more insight and tips to help you train to be the best you can be.

See you at The Gym!

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