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Training Tip Tuesday - Mastering the Professional Introduction

When you introduce two parties, you are intentionally bringing them together so you want to add value to all parties involved. This moment can build a foundation of trust, connect others, and create a smooth transition, no matter the situation you find yourself.

Whether you introduced 200 people in the last week or 2 people in the last ten years, we can help you improve. Introductions can be terribly forgettable or change the course of a relationship. At The Gym, our members practice a skill called Heralding which is more than simply introducing a partner, colleague, or friend.

It’s a New Year, so New You, right? Here is a skill you can implement today.

First, let’s look at the three components to an effective herald:

  1. Credibility: This is proof of the person’s expertise. It could be the number of years of work experience, their education background, their successful projects, or their business ownership.

  2. Common Ground: Why are you bringing the two parties together? If there is a personal connection between the parties, be sure to point it out so they have a starting point for conversation. Areas to mention include sports, hobbies, children, traveling experiences, or favorite teams. The more you know about each party allows you to create a stronger link between them.

  3. Connection: This is the reason you are bringing the two parties together. Be certain to clearly state the reason and succinctly articulate it. They can move forward with or without you, but this is the beginning of a successful relationship.

As you can imagine, following this framework will improve every single introduction you make.

So, how do you practice this?

Choose between these 2 practice exercises today (and save the other for tomorrow!):

  1. Before you can practice, you need to gather some information from the partners you introduce the most frequently. Spend a few minutes alone and jot down bullet points for Credibility, Common Ground, and Connection. You will need to reflect on the previous introductions you have made in order to predict the information that will prove beneficial in the future. Then you can see if a short interview with that person will fill the gaps in your lists. Now that you have the information you need, start practicing that herald. Out loud, alone, in the car, or anywhere you can practice, herald that partner. If you have an upcoming event, this time serves as your dress rehearsal.

  2. If you’re running a meeting today, spend 5-7 minutes with your team and explain to them the 3 components of a quality herald. Quick interviews, speed-dating style, then around the room, with each team member heralding another teammate.

Don’t practice until you get it right. Practice until you can’t get it wrong.

Join us Thursdays at 11:30am on LinkedIn for our Live @ The Gym sessions. In 15 minutes or less, you will gain a new communication tool and ways to practice them.

Welcome to 2022! Our team at The Communication Gym is excited to ring in the New Year and is committed to sharing weekly practice tips with you. We know that your success depends on practice, whether or not you are a current gym member, but we also understand that life may complicate your active time in The Gym. And that is why we pledge to continue providing a Training Tip every Tuesday. Let’s welcome 2022 with a renewed focus on core fundamental skills you can use in all facets of your life - professional or personal.

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