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What is spooking you professionally?

Fall is here; all the sights, sounds, and scents of autumn are everywhere! (You have already indulged in at least one pumpkin spice flavored something already, haven’t you?) To celebrate October, the spookiest month of the year, The Communication Gym has decided to look at some spooky topics.

Our first hair-raising topic….

Have you ever left a meeting, even one you led, and wondered if it was worth it? Everyone left quickly and there was no sense of closure or next steps? Or does a pending doom hit you before a meeting? Why do we need to sit through another meeting?

Let’s take that scary stuff out of meetings for good! At The Gym, we use the 3 W’s at the end of every single meeting.

Who is doing what by when?

Maybe you have used the 3 W’s on occasion, or you use them when you think about it, but make sure you end every meeting confirming with all parties who is doing what by when.

Make it a habit and change the direction of every single meeting!

Try it out this week….notice a difference?

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