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What is the Most Powerful Way to Lead a Conversation?

Have you ever thought about your role in leading a conversation? Not dominating a conversation, but truly leading it? In previous blogs, we have talked about Leveling the Playing Field, one of the tools we promote @ The Gym. When you Level the Playing Field, all parties involved agree on the Purpose, Process, and Timeframe at the beginning of the conversation so your attention is directed towards the outcome. It means you begin with the end in mind.

So what happens during the rest of a conversation?

What is another tool we can use to drive focus in our conversations?


Asking questions drives focus!

Every Thursday at 11:30am ET, we stream a live training session on LinkedIn. Take a moment to watch this one where we dove into Powerful Questions with Nathan Imboden and Greg Drake:

Of course, the question game is not a real-world exercise. You will never be in a situation where the goal is to ask a question every time you speak. This is not a functional exercise, but it is an exercise that strengthens. Creating the habit of asking questions instead of jumping right into answering questions allows our brain to dive deeper, to really uncover what is true beyond the surface.

We break old muscle patterns by performing exercises that strengthen our core (pun intended). The question game forces us to find that meaningful thread in the conversation and makes us get better at uncovering what is objectively true.

Of course, learning from others’ mistakes is a valuable part of practicing together.

A willingness to be vulnerable is in itself a strength and ongoing practice makes us stronger.

Find a willing partner today to play the question game. You might be surprised at the results!

At The Communication Gym, our mission is to inspire you to practice your communication and give you the space for a communication workout. Learn more about our programs here.

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