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Who are our gym members?

Have you ever wondered who is working out @ The Gym?

No, not that gym! The Communication Gym!

You can see who is dedicated to their weight lifting practice through outward appearance, but do you know someone who has committed to regular communication practice?

You probably do and beginning today we will introduce you to a Communication Gym member each month.

Today, meet Cody Cogan, Managing Principal and co-founder of Endeavor Professional Services, LLC in State College, PA. He is a recognized expert in all areas of permitting, engineering and compliance associated with oil and natural gas development. Cody is an avid outdoorsman, an NCAA baseball umpire, and an active member of the Keystone Elk County Alliance, a non-profit organization focused on conservation education and habitat enhancement. Read on to learn about Cody’s experiences and results from his membership at The Communication Gym.

1. When and how did you become a part of The Communication Gym?

I became part of The Communication Gym when I was selected to join the 2020 class of Dame Leadership’s 10 New Leaders Program. It was here that I worked with Dale while I completed the Leadership MVP Program. This is where I first learned about communication styles and now, I participate in the Ideal Client Professional Practice Group. I am still learning, practicing, and building on what I learned in the Leadership MVP Program.

2. What challenge(s) were you facing before you became a member at The Gym?

Before I became a member of The Gym, I was unaware of the challenges I was facing. I just was not knowledgeable enough about myself and the art/science of communication. The Gym certainly changed that. The two main challenges that come to mind were first, when I connected with prospective clientele, my success was hit and miss and second, my education in the art and science of communication. I did not know what I didn’t know!

3. What have you learned about yourself and others?

I have certainly learned a lot. With regards to myself, the most powerful pieces of information I learned were my natural communication style and how others perceive and receive that style. I also learned what style I have the hardest time relating or “stretching” to as Dale likes to say. Just knowing your strengths and weaknesses in communication allows you to be that much more effective in life. Through my time at The Gym, what I learn translates directly to my day-to-day. I have gained awareness and recognize how others communicate and how I need to stretch my style to communicate much more effectively.

4. How has The Gym helped you, both professionally and personally?

My professional and personal success go hand in hand. The Gym has transformed and refined my view of communication. Before The Gym, communication was something everyone did, some better than others, and those people carried the label of “People Person” and had “Communication Skills,” pretty general terms for someone who talks well with others. Now, for me, communication is a very powerful tool that if used properly, can greatly increase your success both professionally and personally.

Thank you, Cody, for taking the time to answer our questions and for sharing your Communication Gym story! Connect with Cody on LinkedIn or email him. If you’re interested in the results Cody has described, learn more about our Professional Practice Groups here.

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