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Who are our Gym Members? Meet Bryan Majors

Each month we interview a Communication Gym member.

Today’s spotlight shines on Bryan Majors, a loyal member and friend. Bryan is an entrepreneur, speaker, athlete, author, professor, coach...a true leader and visionary. His outstanding academic and athletic abilities have earned him numerous NCAA Conference recognitions in basketball, a career with the Washington Generals, and the title of Amazon Best Selling Author with his 2018 debut title Training for Triumph: How to prepare mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually for your life long goals. Today he is focused on developing his brand which includes three different components:

1. Bryan Majors LLC, transformational leadership and character development programs for both youth and adults, 2. Major Prep Academy, basketball and mental toughness training for both males and females, 3. and his Major Prep Apparel line. Also a professional sports fan, Bryan roots for the Philadelphia Eagles and the 76ers. His favorite basketball player of all time? Allen Iverson, of course.

If you feel empowered and motivated to realize your dreams after reading this post, then we have successfully conveyed our interview with Bryan and his spirit.

1. When and how did you become a part of The Communication Gym?

In 2012 I won a business pitch competition and was awarded 3 months of coaching and training sessions at The Communication Gym. I was an aspiring leader and speaker. Those 3 months changed my life in terms of my ability to communicate.

2. What challenge(s) were you facing before you became a member at The Gym?

I had not yet been successful in packaging and speaking with confidence who I was and what I wanted to do. I learned how to get my vision on paper and then learn the skills to communicate it. Now I have a plan of action and am able to see it grow. I can speak with clarity and focus; I am disciplined and detailed; I understand the importance of longevity and preparation.

3. What have you learned about yourself and others?

The biggest lesson I learned about myself is that I am able to break through any adversity or challenge. As part of my coaching in 2012, Dale taught me how to break a board. {Take a look at him working with my clients this summer -- it is transformational!} I learned that pursuing my destiny would include innumerable pitfalls but that I could conquer all of them with this confidence. What I learned about others is that many of them lack the mentorship that I was fortunate to have. They lack confidence and the ability to follow through.

4. How has The Gym helped you, both professionally and personally?

I started my entrepreneurial journey in my early 20s and no boundaries existed between my personal and professional lives. Everything I do is in the form of excellence. The knowledge I gained from our sessions has helped me evolve into who I am today. The power of presence is so important: “what happens in the dark usually comes out in the light.” In 2020 during the pandemic, I completed the Leadership MVP Program. This was so powerful to me because I realigned and sharpened my vision. I had arrived at a point in my journey where I needed to learn how to evolve my brand and repackage it to scale. A year later, I can fluently explain to schools, universities, and companies the resources I provide.

5. Can you share an instance with us when the skills you learned @ The Gym led to a positive outcome?

Absolutely. During my Leadership MVP Program, one of the assignments was to reach out to a certain number of people in the field I wanted to speak to, it was cold calling. On that first call, I booked my first speaking gig! Immediate ROI on the time and work I put into the MVP Program. I could confidently express the service I was offering.

I do about 25 cold calls per day. When I get nos, I consider the communication style I am speaking with. So each call is practice and I keep getting better.

6. Is there anything else you would like to add?

Yes! I want to give Dale his flowers while he can still smell them! He came into my life at a critical time. He has helped restructure my vision and see it through. He is and always will be a call or text away. I call him my silent assassin -- he suggests improvements in the way I say things and they are always spot on. I appreciate his knowledge. We need more Dale Fallons and people who desire to improve their personal vision, build their confidence, and improve their communications at The Communication Gym.

Thank you, Bryan, for sharing your story with us. If you are looking for results like Bryan’s, contact us here.

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