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You Need to Know The Answers to these 3 Critical Questions

At The Gym, we ask our members to be able to answer the 3 Critical Questions:

  1. What do you do?

  2. Why should I business with you, personally?

  3. Why should I do business with your company?

Are you able to answer them?

For question #1, did you simply say your job title? Though that may be impressive, you can make more of an impression by sharing the value you bring to your role or organization.

For example, instead of saying you are the Director of Customer Service, you could answer: “I ensure the success of the organization by coordinating exceptional customer service efforts.” Instead of saying you are a Sales Officer, you may say: “I make people’s financial dreams come true.

We encourage you to get creative at The Gym!

For questions #2 and #3, brag, with integrity, about yourself and your company! Include those attributes that describe the work you and your organization do.

Having meaningful answers to the 3 Critical Questions enables you to quickly introduce yourself and to build a bridge between you and the other individual, Establishing Rapport from the beginning of the interaction.

At The Gym, practicing these answers in a supportive atmosphere ensures you are ready and able to connect with others in an impactful way.

Practice your drills at The Gym!

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