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Your Internal M.V.P.

You are probably familiar with the term MVP in sports, but do you know your MVP? At The Communication Gym, we refer to your internal MVP as your Motivation, Vision, and Philosophy.

We identify these as ‘internal’ because the Motivation, Vision, and Philosophy are created by you based on and related to your current role(s). This could be as a salesperson, a manager, a family member, community leader, or some other critical role.

With a clear MVP, you can be a more effective communicator because your thoughts, words, and deeds should be in alignment. This alignment should help create successful outcomes.

Defining Your internal MVP begins with your vision. It’s important to have consistent and congruent answers to the following three questions:

  1. Vision - What does it look like when things are successful within the role that you’ve chosen?

  2. Motivation - What's your motivation? Why is this vision important for you?

  3. Philosophy - What is your philosophy around this role? What do you expect of others and what they expect from you?

Once you've identified Your internal MVP, you have the answers that will help you become a powerful communicator and drive you forward. One of our members said:

The MVP helps me live at the core of my character.

And that is exactly what it’s designed to do.

There is also an external MVP: Mission, Values, and Plan. Defining and aligning both your internal and external MVPs will bring you clarity and focus. Focus brings outcomes, outcomes bring action, and action brings results.

When you become a member at The Gym, we ask you to define a specific role in your life and help you get clear, consistent, and congruent answers to the most important questions within that role.

If you’re looking to improve, we’re ready to help. We’ll see YOU at The Gym.

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