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Your Internal Motivation

Your internal motivation is pretty simple - it’s your “WHY.”

So, you've defined a vision and you've decided to commit to that vision… but why?

Some questions we ask our members at The Gym in helping them develop their why are:

  • Why is it important to you?

  • Why is it important to the stakeholders in the organization or within the community that you're working with?

  • Why is it important to the greater good?

  • Why, despite realizing your vision is not going to be easy, keep going?

When those difficult times come, you need to know why you're doing it.

You’re going to need to have your why ready so the moment you get to push back and you don't feel like doing it anymore, you know why and have the courage and strength to continue.

Take some time to focus on not only why it's personally important to you, but why it's important to the people you care the most about or to the community as a whole.

If you’re ready to improve, we’re ready to help.

See you at The Gym!

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