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Your Internal Vision

We begin with Your Vision because we believe you're here as a person of impact and take personal responsibility for having a positive impact on the world. So, thinking about what you want the successful outcome to be is the starting point.

The question you're asking yourself to get a clear vision of success is:

What does the future look like assuming you are successful in this role?

Are you able to describe it in rich detail?

In order to do that, we use Modalities: our visual, auditory, and kinesthetic senses.

Using the Visual and Auditory Modalities allow you to describe not only what the future looks like, but what it sounds like. What are people saying? What are you hearing in your head? What are you saying to yourself? What do others say to you?

The Kinesthetic Modality adds the tactical stimulants to your vision. What are some of the emotional responses that you have? What are some of the emotional responses others have? How do you and others feel?

Going through this exercise is about experiencing and bringing into the present the future state that you’re envisioning. This will help you expand Your Vision into a message that others can understand and follow.

If you need help, The Gym is open for training. Contact us today.

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