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Your Leadership Vision

The leader's responsibility is to communicate their vision clearly so other people are able to understand it. Their job is to see and share their positive future vision and be available to help their team understand where they're going.

We start with vision because we believe you're here as a leader of impact and take personal responsibility for having a positive impact in your role. So, we start with a vision of what you want that successful outcome to be.

There are three important questions to answer as a leader to define your vision:

  1. What does success in your role look like? For example, do you see people making calls, smiling as they work with each other, view reports where you see tasks being completed?

  2. What does success in your role sound like? Is there laughter, quiet conversations when serious issues arise, trucks’ motors running when they pull away from the loading docks?

  3. What does success in your role feel like? Is there confidence in the team’s ability to do the work, energy, and pride in meeting deadlines, enthusiasm for making a difficult sale?

Defining your leadership vision helps keep your team going and their chins up when the work gets hard. It keeps you focused when things can get challenging (and they will).

There are two parties involved when communicating your vision: you and your stakeholder group. “Stakeholders” could be your team, colleagues, community, basically anyone who is invested in your success as a leader.

Our goal at The Gym is for you to be able to describe, in rich detail, a positive future vision for your stakeholders.

We’re here to help if you need some extra guidance on clarifying your vision.

See you at The Gym!

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