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About The Gym

Founded in 2005, The Communication Gym is a skill and competency based coaching/training organization. Our focus is delivering skills to people who want to improve.


We support, challenge, train, and coach people with a strong desire to realize a higher quality of life for themselves and their communities.


These people recognize that a long-term commitment to improving their communication skills is a keystone to achieve that goal.

From our beginning, we've understood the unparalleled benefits of face-to-face communications.  


We understand that just like working out in a gym to improve your health, you can work out in our communication gym to improve your business and communication acumen.

Our Philosophy
Our Philosophy
Dale Fallon: Coach for effective executive leadership communication sales Central PA
Dale Fallon Coach The Communication Gym Communicator Skills

Dale Fallon

Meet your coach

For over 20 years my focus has been on one mission: to improve our quality of life by improving the quality of our communication. I have had the privilege to work with thousands of business owners, executives, sales professionals and individuals across a wide variety of industries to help them build and enhance their communication competencies. Leveraging my corporate work, consulting skills, and black belt experiences, I have had the pleasure of sharing my belief in the dynamic and positive impact of meaningful, productive and powerful communication with others.


I'm glad to see you @ The Gym!

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For over 20 years, Dale has been designing, building, and facilitating inspiring learning environments. As the founder of The Communication Gym, he has facilitated programs that deliver proven, time-tested results through progressive, skill-building modules. With a focus on sharing knowledge and insight he’s gained over the years, his mission is to improve our quality of life by improving the quality of our conversations.

Dale’s presentation style is engaging and facilitatory. He prefers dialog over lecture and has a unique style that creates a transformative experience for large audiences and small groups alike, both in-person and virtual.

He looks forward to bringing The Gym to YOU.

Speaker Sheet

Meet THE


Coach consultant business thecommunicationgym central PA

Pat Noel

My "TCG Black Belt" has been extremely useful as a coach and consultant in my own business and when supporting the team. 

My 40+ years in corporate functional management roles has enabled me to coach leaders how to practically apply the use of competencies in the workplace. 


With my knowledge of the The Communication Gym materials, I sketch the online and coach-led course content. 


As a DI style individual, I tend to keep things moving while sharing my excitement about the opportunities The Communication Gym offers to help people change their lives in a very positive way. 

education educational consulting learning professional

Heather Dravk

Heather Dravk brings more than 25 years of experience in education to The Communication Gym team as the principal curriculum manager for our online courses.


This role allows her to translate her knowledge of learning directly to a platform designed for professional adults.


As a proponent herself of life-long learning, Heather recognizes the impact these courses make on their participants both professionally and personally.


She is proud to contribute to a team that seeks to enhance others’ lives through improved communication skills. 

Administrative Communication community ideal client

Kyra Malone

Kyra Malone is responsible for bookkeeping as well as administrative tasks for The Communication Gym team.


She brings administrative experience from many different fields and here at The Communication Gym she is excited to use those skills to support the whole "TCG" community.


Kyra’s goal is to smooth any technical and process issues for you so that all your effort and energy can be focused on achieving your goals and improving your communication.


In her free time, Kyra is a mom to a very wiggly toddler. She is also Dale’s eldest child.

Communication creative business administration

Beth Montgomery

Beth Montogomery is the creative muse and architect of The Communication Gym team. 


She has sharpened her imaginative and artistic skills through working in business administration and as a company owner. These experiences enable her to promote and showcase The Communication Gym’s offerings. She is happy to be a part of an organization that brings meaning to and impacts lives for the better.


When she isn’t creating, you will find her paddle boarding in the summer or in all seasons walking her dog and parenting her teenagers.

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