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9 things your DISC Engagement report says about you

When our members join The Communication Gym, they undergo an assessment like you do the first time you meet your personal trainer. The assessment we use is the TTI Success Insights’ DISC Engagement Report -- it is much less scary and painful than it sounds! There is no heavy lifting, muscle pain, or embarrassment involved. It only takes 15-20 minutes, yet the results may surprise you by their insight and acuity.

This research-backed assessment was designed to increase employee productivity and improve culture and employee engagement.

Here are nine things your DISC Engagement report says about you:

  1. How you prefer to do what you do

  2. Why you do what you do

  3. Ways to keep yourself motivated during work projects

  4. How others can (or should not) communicate with you to have the most effective conversations

  5. Where you will be most productive

  6. Strengths and weaknesses you bring to your team

  7. What makes you lose valuable time at work

  8. How you see yourself

  9. How others see you

Does this sound like valuable information for you to attain your goals or to increase your team’s productivity? Let The Communication Gym guide you through our range of products to see what fits your needs. Communication-focused Leadership Development and Sales Programs, Coach-led or Self-led, we have something for everyone’s budget and schedule.

Contact us to learn more!

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