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Back to Hollywood with the DISC

We received such positive feedback about our DISC in Star Wars post, we decided to choose another fan favorite:


Before reading on, how would you determine the DISC communication style of:



Shrek and Donkey

Lord Farquaad and Gingy

Let’s see how you did:

Shrek definitely matches the characteristics of a High D. He is strong-willed and a fighter when in conflict, however he is the team member who sees the big picture. He appears intimidating and bad-mannered, but in reality, he just isn't chatty and prefers that everyone leave him alone. He is direct and often interrupts others to get his point across. If you were managing Shrek, you would want to assist him in learning to self-pace and relax and encourage his pioneering side.

Of course Donkey represents the High I. Large gestures and facial expressions and lengthy conversations provide comic relief. His magnetism and enthusiasm are trademark I qualities. Time management in the workplace could be a challenge for Donkey’s manager!

Gingy illustrates many qualities of the High S. He is friendly but tolerates conflict. His intellect and determination allow him to survive. We see that he does not like rapid change or risk. In the office, Gingy will want to follow proven procedures and may ask “Will someone be there for support if I have questions?”

Our High C goes to Lord Farquaad. While he appears primarily self-absorbed and temperamental, these may be covers for his resistance to change and avoidance of conflict. He does not enjoy chatting with others and is typically very direct in conversation. Just like C-3PO, Lord Farquaad may need additional people skills and negotiations training to be an effective member of your team. The C’s diligence and discipline provide high-quality, accurate, and reliable outcomes to your team.