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Can you match my Conversation Style?

Having consistent and clear answers to the 3 Critical Questions prepared ahead of an event where you know you will meet other professionals sets you up for a successful conversation. Remember: the key element in our interactions is Establishing Rapport. This means that we should make an effort to match communication styles while speaking with others.

When we say “communication styles” at The Gym, we are not only referring to DISC styles, but to the volume, pace, tone, physiology, and word choice of those with whom we are speaking. We are not suggesting you mimic this person; instead, make an effort to communicate the way they do.

If you haven’t seen the “Close Talker” episode on Seinfeld, you probably recognize this GIF.

While the Close Talker (Judge Reinhold) made us all uncomfortable (and laugh), he is the perfect example of mismatched conversation styles. Fortunately, Jerry recognized his style and reciprocated the closeness, but we saw that others were clearly uncomfortable with the Close Talker.

For a less comedic but more probable example, imagine you are speaking with a person who speaks at 130 words per minute, and your natural pace is 90 words per minute. Your conversation partner is quickly going to lose interest in you and what you have to say.

This is a skill our members practice at The Gym. If you're ready to practice, The Gym is open for training.

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