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Establishing Rapport: a wrap-up to fine tune your form

Our blogs this month have focused on the fundamental skill of Establishing Rapport and now we see that we can employ varied skills to connect with others.

At The Gym, we begin with DISC styles so that our members recognize each individual’s natural style and equip themselves to adapt to their style. We consider observable behaviors, keywords, and how to motivate or create tension with each DISC style.

The 3 Essential Questions allow us to create an immediate connection with others. Imagine the message you send when you are able to communicate what you do without revealing your actual job title. Or the message you send when you are able to succinctly explain why doing business with you and your company is advantageous. Combine those answers with DISC styles and your listener clearly receives your message!

Then we looked at Leveling the Playing Field. We hope you became aware of the meetings and conversations where there was (or wasn’t) a Level Playing Field. We believe that creating a Level Playing Field allows equal opportunity and success to all parties.

We also believe that the ability to communicate with others leads to success, in your personal and private lives.

At The Gym, our mission is to improve the quality of your life by improving the quality of your conversations.
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