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Establishing Rapport: What you need to know

Establishing Rapport with our co-workers, employees, and clients is an effective and necessary communication skill. A key element in the success of our conversations is recognizing our natural communication style as well as the styles of others.

Our natural communication styles consist of our tone of voice, our volume, our pace, our body language, and our word choices.

In fact, others learn more from our non-verbals than the words that come out of our mouth!

Learning about the various aspects of styles can help you make adjustments when communicating with others and to improve your relationships and work effectiveness. This is why we learn DISC. In March, we discussed the DISC profile and how those styles communicate.

At The Gym, we refer to this skill set as Establishing Rapport and we practice all DISC styles, especially the ones that are not natural to us. You have certainly heard the expression “Fake it until you make it!” but we prefer “Grind it until you find it!

Join us at The Gym to work out your DISC styles!

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