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Ideal Client Pipeline Health

Let’s do a pipeline health assessment.

Here are 3 questions for you to answer:

  1. Can you define your ideal client in 30 seconds or less?

  2. Can you define the conversational pathway from suspect to ideal prospect to ideal client?

  3. Can you pre-qualify your ideal prospect in three or fewer questions?

If you answered "yes" to all three of those then you're doing a fantastic job!

If some of your answers are a little vague or you're not 100% sure, then I encourage you to attend our Ideal Client Workshop (summer 2021). During our workshop, you will learn how to build those processes and you'll leave with specific takeaways that help you immediately build Ideal Client relationships and start to fill your pipeline with ideal prospects.

If you can describe your Ideal Client clearly enough so you can determine after a few key questions that someone might be an Ideal Client, you are on the way to success. And if others can recognize your Ideal Clients with some easy descriptors, the referrals may begin to pour in as well!

Work out those communication muscles at The Gym.

Our virtual classes are open.

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