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In honor of The Gym’s founder, Dale Fallon, and his recent birthday, enjoy Nike’s advertisement that combines two of his favorite things: soccer and a level playing field.

The level playing field reference in the Nike ad is not really what Dale means when he uses the expression, but it does illustrate the concept for us.

When we play by the same rules on a level field, we have equal access to opportunity and success.

At The Gym, we teach our members how to Level the Playing Field in conversations, professional and personal. What exactly does this mean in a conversation?

First, think about a meeting that did not go well from your perspective.

  • Was there too much to discuss in the allotted time frame?

  • You had 15 minutes to solve a problem that required 90 minutes?

  • Was there no purpose to the meeting and it became a meeting for the sake of holding a meeting?

  • Did the format of the meeting prevent you from accomplishing the task at hand?

  • Would beginning the meeting with a one-sided presentation have been more efficient than an open-ended discussion?

If any of these situations resonated with you, you are not alone! Along with matching styles in conversation, our members use a framework called Leveling the Playing Field to distinguish themselves as people with purpose and focus.

Stay tuned to learn more! In the meantime, connect with Dale on LinkedIn and wish him a happy birthday! 🎉🎂

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