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Let’s practice!

As you know, The Communication Gym offers a place for motivated professionals to practice their communication skills. Leaders and business developers alike understand the importance of their messages and realize the impact of them in their professional and personal lives. During a gym session, our members practice together.

Practice includes both skill-building exercises and real-world scenarios and will vary depending on the curricular theme of the session. Let’s examine an exercise that you may already know:

That’s right--a classic from Whose Line is it Anyway?--answer a question with a question! The rules are simple: you and a partner or a group must hold a conversation consisting only of questions. The challenge is real -- how do you move a conversation forward in a meaningful way by only asking questions? You must listen!

We use this exercise @ The Gym when we work on listening skills. Listening skills?

Effective communication also includes listening!

This exercise helps us break the habit of reflexively answering a question and instead forces us to listen in order to engage in a productive conversation.

How about you give it a try?

What do you have to lose by attempting this exercise?

How long can you keep a conversation going by just asking questions?

What if you find that listening is harder than you thought?

What can practice like this do for you?

You get the idea!

Last week, our Founder and Head Coach Dale Fallon went Live on LinkedIn and introduced the concept of attracting, earning, and retaining your Ideal Clients. If you missed it, you can still see it on Linked In or join him for his next Live @ The Gym coming soon.

Connect with Dale on LinkedIn or learn more about our Professional Practice Groups.

See you @ The Gym!

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