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Leveling the Playing Field with the end in mind

Now that you are more aware of establishing a Purpose at the beginning of your conversations, what does Process entail? Taking your purpose into consideration, you must decide the best process for your specific conversation. Should the conversation be held in public or private? Should it be a discussion or a presentation? Does it revolve around questions?

Including your purpose statement adds direction to the conversation while including your process provides the playing field. When all parties agree to the process, you have a level playing field.

Your process could take many different forms.

You could:

  1. Hold all questions until the presenter has finished.

  2. Allow for questions and concerns to interrupt the presenter.

  3. Hold a brainstorming session without the goal of resolution.

  4. Allow everyone in the room 5 minutes of uninterrupted speaking time.

  5. Use the “talking stick” method where only the stick holder is allowed to speak.

  6. Ask someone to be the “sounding board” so that person listens and reflects back what they hear, without reaction or commentary. “What do you hear me saying?”

  7. Use the “sawmill” or “shredder” method where the listeners only criticize or attack your proposal/idea.

Consider the task and your desired outcome before you choose your process.

At The Gym, our members practice setting a Level Playing Field so they are ready to incorporate this habit in all areas of their lives!

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