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Making your Time count on the Playing Field

Remember the frustration you feel when you're 45 minutes into a 30-minute meeting?

In a Level Playing Field, the Time is set and agreed upon at the beginning of the conversation.

When you begin by saying “we are going to spend 15 minutes brainstorming” or “let’s each take 5 minutes to summarize the challenges each department is facing,” the time frame is upfront and clear. You want all parties to agree on it so there is a common understanding of the playing field.

Can you apply this example of a Level Playing Field statement in your life?

This morning we have 45 minutes to review our proposal on Leadership development and coaching. First, I will present our proposal to you, then I will ask for your questions or comments. If we all agree, we will end our meeting with a signed proposal and you will be on your way to developing your next leaders. Are we ready to begin?

Pay attention for the next few days. Do any of your coworkers employ a Level Playing Field in their interactions at work? Do any of your friends or family members use Purpose, Process, or Time in their conversations? Have you been including any part of the Level Playing Field Framework in your life?

When you’re ready to practice it in a supportive environment, join us at The Gym!

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