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May the force be with you... learning the DISC Hollywood Style

In coaching sessions, members often ask for examples of famous people‘s DISC styles. First, let’s remember how the DISC is organized. It is a four-quadrant framework that describes common ways all human beings tend to behave and communicate. In essence, it explores the question: How do we prefer to behave and communicate?

Let’s take a trip to Hollywood and apply the DISC to famous characters you surely know:

You can probably guess who represents the D:

His decisiveness, intimidation, and insensitivity scream task-oriented extroverted D! If we were in a conversation with him, we would want to be clear, specific, and to the point. We should lean forward, hold eye contact, and help him to learn to pace himself. The High D wants clear expectations and challenging assignments. The D tends to be confident, result-oriented, and creative.

Of course, the I is:

Han Solo is charismatic. He wants to be popular and social. He is people-oriented and extroverted. He’s a bit impulsive and chatty, but doesn’t pay much attention to the rules. He speaks quickly and is expressive. Unfortunately, a High I may be perceived as distracted with little follow through of tasks.

If Han Solo is the I, then the S must be…

The High S is more introverted but still people-oriented. The S tends to follow rules as long as they are time-tested and proven. He wants logic, harmony, appreciation, and low-risk short-term goals. While an S is loyal and considerate, he may also be indecisive.

That leaves us with the C:

That’s right! Without procedures, rules, and data, the High C appears anxious and struggles to function. This task-oriented introvert can be perceived as inflexible or insensitive but their strengths lie in accuracy and task completion. If you want to motivate the High C, have information and data available and respect policy. If you’re managing a High C, you may consider training them in people skills and negotiation.

At The Communication Gym, we provide DISC Profiles for our members so that they gain a better understanding of their own natural communication style and how they behave. We also offer the Driving Forces Profile to teams for team building, leadership development, and conflict resolution purposes. Contact us to take the next step in understanding and applying your (or your team’s) unique talents!

See you @ The Gym!

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