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Meet the “S” in the DISC

Meet Lorna. She’s someone who tends to be quiet and reserved, sometimes described as introverted.During a conversation, she may be the last person to answer questions as she considers carefully what she wants to contribute. Lorna is usually accepting of the status quo and will support others especially if it means keeping things the way they are.

Lorna is a High S-Style communicator. What does that mean?

The S communication style stands for “steadiness,” and it reflects a person's relationship with change.

High S-style communicators tend to be more thoughtful in choosing their words with a slower talking pace as they select their words carefully and have less eye contact. This gives the impression that they are introverts, but that may not always be the case. They are considerate of others, loyal and reliable. Change doesn’t come quickly to the high S-style communicator as they prefer calm, predictable environments.

Watch this short video about the high S-style. If you’re ready to improve, we’re ready to help. See you at The Gym!


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