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Member Spotlight: Jen Ponce de Leon

Today’s member spotlight shines on Jen Ponce De Leon, Senior Business Development Manager with JEM Group Construction Services, the largest woman-owned construction services firm located in central Pennsylvania. We had the pleasure of meeting Jen last year when she was selected as one of Dame Leadership’s 10 New Leaders. When Jen is not working, volunteering with The Salvation Army, or spending time with her family, she is reenergizing herself outdoors: walking her dog, hiking, or gardening.

1. When and how did you become a part of The Communication Gym?

In 2021, I was selected by Dame Leadership as a 10 New Leader and one part of our program included the Leadership MVP Program through The Communication Gym. I spent 6 weeks in this program with the 10 New Leader cohort.

2. What challenge(s) were you facing before you became a member at The Gym?

I didn’t think I had communication challenges at the time. Once I was introduced to The Gym, I quickly realized the value in communicating with DISC Styles. The communication disconnects I was not aware of became more apparent as I learned about the DISC and how to apply it to my interactions at work and at home.

3. What have you learned about yourself and others?

I learned more about my leadership style, vision and purpose. I was enlightened by the uncomfortable ‘stretch’ to communicate in styles that do not come naturally. Over the course of the coaching sessions, I was able to better articulate the way I communicate and recognize patterns in others around me. I greatly improved the quality of public speaking as well as relating to others by listening for cues such as volume, pace, tone and paying attention to body language.

4. How has The Gym helped you, both professionally and personally?

I gained more confidence in my leadership professionally and personally. I have a better understanding on how to deepen relationships through communication. Personally, I was able to see progress, week after week, raising my standards through lots of practice. Consequently, my goal is to continue to distinguish my Leadership MVP content language, pace and style in my team, business, family and friends so I can further develop my role as a leader.

5. Can you share an instance with us when the skills you learned @ The Gym led to a positive outcome?

I can think of an instance where I rushed abruptly into business with a colleague, expecting a quick response. The other person clearly preferred to draw out personal comments, casually and informally. I thought about what I learned about this steady style and immediately slowed down to show sincere interest on the personal side. I switched gears to maintain patience and allow the person time to think and respond.

I now appreciate the need to stretch my style of communication to meet a wide variety of expectations and personalities.

Distilling lessons learned is always important to growing. And there’s always room to grow to better connect and collaborate.

Thank you, Jen, for sharing your Communication Gym story. Your progress proves that practice and intention deliver results! To experience success like Jen’s, check out our Offerings here and subscribe to our blog here.

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