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Practice for competence!

Why do we want you to practice? So that you can use these skills in real life!

How do we know you can use these skills? We rely on actual Skill Assessments!

While practice does set The Communication Gym apart from other training programs, it is not our only unique feature. Another of our core values lies in the importance of assessment. Once you have practiced both alone and @ The Gym and are confident and ready to demonstrate your newly acquired skill, your coach will evaluate your competence.

The beauty of the program is that YOU control your pace and earn progression to the next skill level once you prove your ability.

We want all of our members to recognize the progress they make, whether that is in their professional or personal life or both. Repetitive practice of a skill leads to an ability to use it in any condition life may throw at you, and our goal for all members is to reach “unconscious competence.”

Outside The Gym, our members are encouraged to practice at least three times per week just like athletes who train separately from their team.

So many training programs accept simple completion of a task or skill. We expect more from our members at The Gym. The only way we can ensure that they will improve their quality of life is by applying the skills they have learned.

We offer both Professional Practice Groups for individuals and Exclusive Groups for organizations with four or more members. Let's create a workout regimen for you!

See YOU @ The Gym!

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