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Practice something new today

The old adage, “practice makes perfect” doesn’t hold true if you’re not practicing the right things. Practice doesn't always equate to perfection. Sometimes you have to break old habits and paradigms to build foundational success.

One of the key components for the success of our members is the amount of practice they are required to commit to when signing up at The Gym.

The only path to mastery is deliberate and consistent practice outside of your comfort zone until the new skill moves into your comfort zone

Is it uncomfortable? Absolutely.

“If you cheat on the practice field, you’ll cheat in the game. If you cheat in the game, you’ll cheat the rest of your life.” (From The Lombardi Rules)

There are no shortcuts to achieving mastery to any set of skills. Communication is very similar.

Still need convincing? One of our members, Amy, experiences the ongoing benefits of communication practice and skill development: confidence, courage, clarity, and empowerment!

The Gym provides a safe space to practice, make mistakes, and grow. Your attitude in practice is mirrored in your performance “on the field.” Practicing communication skills in the right setting, with the right attitude will translate to peak performance.

Make sure you're practicing the RIGHT things. Come to The Gym to hone your communication skills.

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