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Rules of the Dojo

Just like working out in a gym to improve health, our members work out in our Gym to improve their business and communication acumen. Since 2005 we have delivered powerful communication tools that have a direct impact on the quality of your life. But how do we help you make them a part of your daily routine? We create the right environment and culture for learning and development.

Our members follow a set of guidelines that we call the “Rules of the Dojo.” The dojo is the room or hall where one practices martial arts. As you read a few of them below, we hope you can see that you could apply these rules to all aspects of your life!

The First Four Rules of the Dojo

  1. Practice like you play. Since practice prepares you for the game, you should dedicate yourself 100% to your practice. Don’t let life distract you from your practice.

  2. Practice until you can’t get it wrong. The purpose of practice is so that you cannot get it wrong. Getting it right just one time is not the way to attain unconscious competence.

  3. Fail with flair. There will be days when you don’t feel like practicing and you aren’t on your best game. Or during practice, you feel like you can’t even find the right words. Your best effort looks different every day; don’t wait for “perfect” in order to practice.

  4. Healthy feedback is the breakfast of champions. At The Gym, the Coach is not the only support and encouragement for our members. During practice sessions, our members offer suggestions and recognize the progress of others. We avoid criticism @ The Gym.

If you are ready to improve, we are ready to help! Take a look at our Professional Practice Groups or contact us here.

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