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Training Tip Tuesday: Add Keywords to Your Non-Verbals

Nine percent of the population is running the world and ticking off a lot of people at the same time!

Sounds harsh, doesn’t it?

The High D communication style is actually the most rare DISC profile according to HR Profiling Solutions.

Competitive and results-oriented, High Ds prefer to move fast, take risks, and get things As we saw in last week’s post about establishing rapport with each communication style, be sure to stick to business, provide facts and figures–not opinions, and provide alternatives to allow a D to make their own decision. This list is not exhaustive, of course, but it sets you up for increased success, especially if you are not a D.

Today’s Training Tip includes another tool for you to add to your communication toolbox:


Rather than focusing on non-verbals today, let’s consider the words you choose. Identifying style-specific keywords relating to your key messages will help you to communicate to a wider spectrum of people. This practice will ease communication stress by giving you the words to use in any given situation and it will increase preparedness for your important communications. The following style-specific keywords may be used when talking about products, features, and other elements with the D communication style. These keywords do not necessarily describe the D-style, but rather they are words you might use to excite, motivate, or communicate effectively to this style.

Consider these words:


cutting edge

bottom line