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Training Tip Tuesday: Listen to ask the right questions

Our members have spoken and we have listened! Each week, on Training Tip Tuesday, we will provide training tips and real-world practice exercises. This week, let’s begin with a story about a road trip -- hopefully a trip that you haven’t experienced.

You’ve already been on the road for several days and today, you are counting on a full day behind the wheel. What happens several hours after heading out?

That’s right--a flat tire! You quickly get in touch with a mechanic who can change your tire so you can get back on the road. Perfect. Crisis averted and you can continue your trip without too much delay.

Tow Truck arrives, mechanic is waiting for you and fixes your tire. You pay the bill, graciously thank them, and head out.

You begin driving west...but your destination is Boston, Massachusetts.

What happened?

The friendly mechanic got you ready to hit the road again ... but you were heading in the wrong direction. Had the mechanic been curious about you and your situation and asked a few simple questions, they could have added greater value to the transaction. Are you in the business of solving your clients’ most obvious problems or are you establishing a relationship with them so that they can avoid potential problems down the road (no pun intended)?

At The Communication Gym, our members practice Powerful Questions to gain a deeper understanding, solve deep problems, and establish strong relationships in their professional and personal networks. You may use a Powerful Question to get the other party to expand for you to gain a better understanding, to clarify or define, or to assess the validity of a comment stated as fact.

Some examples of Powerful Questions are: