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What do you mean by practice?

As a child, did you play an instrument or an organized sport? If so, you certainly remember either being forced to practice or looking forward to practice. Perhaps you have children of your own and are reliving the battle that your parents faced!

Have you ever considered the importance behind practice?

Practice lives at the core of The Communication Gym. We understand that learning a skill requires practice at that skill. While we do value learning about it, we know that doing it is essential. For example, learning about a musical instrument will not give you the ability to play it. Studying its history, parts, or how to clean it is one aspect of learning the instrument, but alone, learning those things will not give you the skill to make music.

Apply this thinking to other skills: reading about soccer and practicing soccer, reading about karate and practicing karate, reading about multiplication and multiplying numbers. See where we are going?

At The Gym, our members do learn about a skill before they perform it. Then having the information and knowledge they need, our members spend most of their time practicing what they have learned. Take the DISC. You may have already attended a training during which the presenter explained the 4 DISC communication styles, but did you put that knowledge into practice?

The Communication Gym’s members repeat and match different communication styles so that they are prepared to use them in real-world situations.

If you haven’t already checked us out, take a look at our Professional Practice Groups where our members practice together, under the guidance of a coach in a supportive atmosphere.

We look forward to working out with you, at The Gym!

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