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What is the DISC?

The DISC is an assessment tool used successfully for over 90 years to help individuals with their professional and self-improvement development. The assessment results reflect how people see us...and our behavior. It shows us how we communicate, how others communicate to us, and how others perceive us. One of the key components of the DISC assessment is to help us understand our natural communication style and to recognize our counterpart’s style.

How The Gym Uses it

With The Communication Gym’s coaching system, our members use the DISC in 3 fundamental ways:

  1. To learn our natural communication style

  2. To recognize other people’s natural communication style

  3. To adapt our communication style to others and to the situation

It’s in step number three where the rubber meets the road; where the skill comes into play. In the Gym, you practice being able to adjust your communication style to each individual, the environment (such as work, at home, in your community), and the particular situation. This is not about changing who we are; it’s about adding new tools and competency skills in our communication toolbox to be extremely effective communicators.

When we are curious about the different communication styles and start paying attention to the DISC model, we start seeing the differences in the communication styles between ourselves and other people then can adapt accordingly.

Why is this important?

“The most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t being said. The art of reading between the lines is a lifelong quest of the wise.”
-Shannon L. Alder

Communication is much more than the words being spoken. If you’re ready to improve, we’re ready to help.

See you at The Gym!

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