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What makes them your ideal client?

By this point, you’ve established the 4 key attributes of Your Ideal Client, qualified them in 30 seconds or less, and you are ready to close the deal. Before you start doing the Jerry Maguire line and shout “Show me the money!” into the phone, there are still a few more things to consider.

Your Ideal Clients have a set of common attributes that make them the perfect fit for the unique product or service you deliver, the competitive edge you hold in the market, and your company’s strategic goals. Identifying and targeting the clients that are the best match for you and your company is a valuable strategy for improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

You will determine the critical attributes that define Your Ideal Client, develop effective questions to help you attract them, and use a systematic methodology to increase the number of Ideal Clients with whom you do business.

Standard attributes for Ideal Clients include:

  • Have authority to make a speedy decision

  • Have the ability to pay

  • Will become a walking billboard for you if they are satisfied.

If you’d like to experience this in action, consider attending our Ideal Client Workshop later this summer. The Workshop will focus on refining your questions for content and maximum impact as well as providing a space to practice them with other professionals. You will leave the session with the ability to quickly and comfortably qualify potential clients in conversation and at networking events.

Space will be limited, but no mask is required.

See you at The Gym!

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