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What Your Christmas Tree Says About Your DISC Style

At The Communication Gym, we think DISC styles are really important and talk about them a lot.

A lot.

We teach our members about DISC styles so that they can take that knowledge, transform it into practiced skills, and see how life-changing it can be in their communication with others. The DISC framework explores the question, “How do we prefer to behave and communicate?” Today let’s look at the behavior side of the DISC at apply it to a traditional holiday task:

The extroverted, task-oriented D Style will control the decorating of the tree and direct others to carry out their vision. This tree will be the best -- the tallest, the fullest, the most lavishly decorated. Definitely not this tree:

The extroverted, people-oriented I Style will involve everyone too, but they may have a tree decorating party to make it extra fun and exciting. It may be an annual event you don’t want to miss. The tree will represent all this fun. Imagine lots of sparkling lights and ornaments of all shapes and colors. The theme of this tree is creativity.

The introverted, people-oriented S Style will have a more subdued tree than the I Style. They would rather help others achieve their vision and are reliable team members. The S may hang ornaments with sentimental value front and center on their well-arranged tree.

The introverted, task-oriented C Style will follow a process that begins long before the tree is in the house. The size and type of tree, real or fake, location to place the tree...these are all details that need to be determined before any decorating can begin. The decorations may reflect more traditional Christmas colors-- red and green, silver or gold. The preciseness of the C can be seen in ornament and light string placement. The complete opposite of this tree:

Which tree represents your DISC style?

Most likely you see yourself in a combination of the styles. All people are all DISC Styles, however we have natural tendencies that may reflect one or more styles in certain situations. Subscribe to our blog so you don’t miss our post later this month on how your shopping habits reveal your DISC Style.

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