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Who is Your Ideal client?

Describing your Ideal Client succinctly and directly will give you clarity and focus. Your Ideal Clients have a set of common attributes that make them the perfect fit for the value you deliver, the competitive edge you hold in the market, and your company’s strategic goals.

Identifying and targeting the clients who are the best match for you and your company is a valuable strategy for improving productivity, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

Your Ideal Client description should reflect the attributes of a perfect client for you and your company. This description should always include:

  1. The title of the decision-maker(s)

  2. A unique problem that you and/or your company are uniquely qualified to solve

  3. A budget range for the product/service you offer

  4. Their sense of urgency

If you really want to get the benefits, practice reading your description out loud, 3 times a day for at least two weeks.

Don’t be shy -- say it loud and proud!

When you start using your Ideal Client description to consider prospects, you will notice a change. After the first week, you will start to see Ideal Clients pop up from out of the blue. You will start to see them in surprising places and when you least expect it. As you continue to practice you will start to recognize places where groups of your Ideal Clients are getting together. That is when the magic happens!

Take your time and do the work of defining your ideal client, and more importantly take the time to do the practice of speaking to your Ideal Client out loud!

Watch this quick video and stick with us this summer because we’re focusing on you getting you YOUR Ideal Clients.

When you’re ready to improve, we’re ready to help.

See you at The Gym!

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