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Your Internal Philosophy

Your philosophy is not what Kant or a bunch of philosophers thinks about life and how it relates to you. At The Gym, we consider your philosophy of the role you play in life with these questions:

  • What is your philosophy?

  • What are your expectations of others?

  • What can others expect from you?

These questions may help you get a better understanding of Your Philosophy:

  1. What can others expect from you relative to your life?

  2. What are your expectations of the people with whom you communicate and connect?

  3. What beliefs do you have that may frame the way you go about this?

You have a vision to accomplish. You also have some beliefs that are going to have an influence and impact how you go about accomplishing your vision.

From your coaches at The Gym, we want you to explore these questions to get clear answers that you're willing to practice and share over time. We believe in you!

If you need any help in unlocking your potential, contact us at The Gym. We are ready to help!

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