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Your Leadership M.V.P.

You may be familiar with the term MVP in sports, but do you know your Leadership MVP?

How does this relate to management and leadership?

Leaders are responsible for having a positive vision of the future. Having a strong and well defined and clear Leadership MVP (LMVP) helps you to create your vision, know why it is important, and be clear on how you and others can best work together.

Taking time to develop answers to the following questions for your leadership role is a powerful exercise that will take you a long way in your leadership journey:

  1. What is your Motivation and why is it important to you?

  2. What is your Vision of the future and what does success look, sound, and feel like?

  3. What is your Philosophy on how you want to work with others and how others best work with you?

These three critical questions are ones that most successful leaders spend time considering, defining, refining, and evaluating over time. This process is designed to help you live at the core of your character: to be who you want to be on your best day and to do that more consistently as a leader.

When you have the answers to these questions, they become a strong communication tool to help you lead others to successful outcomes.

Your Leadership MVP coursework combined with the DISC communication practice we do at The Gym help our members mold their answers to those questions so they not only become clear and concise, but they become a part of who they are.

We encourage you to answer these questions to determine your Leadership MVP. If you haven’t already, read about Your Internal MVP here.

Best of luck and if you’re looking for more help, we’re ready for you at The Gym.

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