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Training Tip Tuesday: Warm Up to an S-Style Communicator

Last week we took a deeper dive into the Dominant style of communication and encouraged you to add keywords to your practice. We hope you practiced and then saw the impact that additional modification made in your conversations. Today’s Training Tip comes from the same playbook, but from the Steady communication style page.

First, a reminder about the warm, friendly S. They want harmony in their home and work life. They prefer logical reasons for change and may be slower to make decisions. Beginning a conversation with personal comments to break the ice is the first step in establishing rapport. Consider how you will ensure that you and your message convey trust, safety, and security.

Now what are some style-specific words you can use with a Steady communication style?









These words transmit qualities of trust, safety, and security whereas D-Style words like elite, immediate, and strategic represent results-oriented outcomes.

Keywords combined with non-verbals help us make connections with others in a way they can process. Haven't we all been in situations where we were unable to establish a real connection? Because we felt like we were being attacked? Or because we stopped listening early in the conversation? Or because there was so much excitement (or chaos) that we felt the need to retreat? Communication style differences are frequently the source of this frustration.

Today, target upcoming conversations in which you think an S-Style communicator will be in attendance. Prepare for the moment by writing some sentences with style-specific keywords so you can relate your key message in their style.

Then practice those sentences out loud with some possible style modifications. Your facial gestures and tone should convey warmth. Add small hand gestures and lean back, not in, while you speak. The more you hear yourself speak these words and feel your body produce them result in true change, so repeat. Five minutes each day reaps more rewards than 30 minutes one time. (If you have ever played a musical instrument or a sport, you know this!)

At The Communication Gym, we practice DISC styles together and provide guided practice out of session. Come work out your communication muscles in one of our Professional Practice groups. Learn more here.

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